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Where Career Opportunities Are Abound for Nurses


One of the perks of being a nurse is having a myriad of career options. As experts in medical staffing in Akron, Ohio, we are aware of the many roles nurses can play outside hospitals. Nurses would do well as health coaches, academic writers, or legal nurse consultants. There are various working environments where nurses can thrive; we will discuss them in this blog.

  • Occupational Health Nurse
    The primary goal of occupational nurses is to help establishments improve the health and safety of their workforce. They do so by developing and maintaining safety policies and programs in line with the nature of the business. Several companies work with staffing services providers in finding licensed nurses to provide crisis intervention, case management, hazard detection, and risk reduction.
  • Hospice Nurse
    Hospice nurses are responsible for providing end-of-life care to patients with life-limiting conditions. Apart from administering medications and providing medical and emotional support, nurses also offer assistance to grieving families and caretakers. Hospice organizations lean on healthcare staffing solutions in Cleveland, Ohio, to allocate experienced hospice nurses to provide the best care for their clients.
  • Home Health Nurse
    This is one of the best-growing fields for nurses. The number of nurses employed in-home healthcare agencies is high and growing. Most of these agencies look into nurse staffing solutions to help them employ compassionate nurses who are dedicated to working directly with patients in their homes. They assist patients with their daily activities, administer medications, assess their condition, communicate with their physicians, and act as the patient’s companions.

These are only a few of the career opportunities that nurses can choose from. healthcare staffing across states is constantly in demand, and with the need for crisis staffing every so often, there’s no telling how many more opportunities will open up for our healthcare professionals.

One Stop Staffing Solutions is dedicated to helping RN, LPN, CNA Skilled Nursing Home Nationwide find the best opportunities for them. With our expertise in matching businesses and professionals, we are confident that we can help both achieve their visions.

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