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The IT industry continues to spearhead America’s economy, making it the sector with great expectations. Thanks to the country’s business dynamism, strong institutional pillars, financing systems, and thriving innovation ecosystem, as described by the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Competitive Index, even more growth is expected. We at One Stop Staffing Solutions would like to describe what these expectations are and how we can help you take advantage of them with technology staffing solutions.

The current IT environment is where openings grow faster than the number of people who can fill them. According to CompTIA, it has lower unemployment rates and stronger job prospects. Current projections believe that the employment rate will continue to grow at about twice the rate of overall employment in the U.S.

While the latest survey from Statista showed that the COVID-19 pandemic did not change the way most IT professionals work or study, it has created a significant rise in demand. This is because more and more companies are turning to IT for their operations due to the restricted movement of employees.

Another Statista survey revealed that this increase in demand, in turn, puts pressure to recruit more. While it is not exactly a crisis staffing situation like healthcare, firms are struggling to keep up. Certain positions lead this trend, particularly full-stack developers/engineers, back-end developers, and DevOps.

These discrepancies between supply and demand are something we, as a leading executive search firm, can gladly address. Our turnkey recruitment solutions make it easier for prospective IT employees to find jobs while successfully filling positions for employers.

But we do not focus on one industry. We also offer accounting, medical, IT, and administrative staffing solutions in Akron, OH, and are nationwide licensed in all 50 states.

Learn about our healthcare staffing solutions in Akron & Cleveland, Ohio, and more by calling us today.

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