Referral Bonus

Staffing Referrals in Akron, Ohio

Asian healthcare workers.

Referral Bonus Program $100 for Referrals

Make some extra money for referring other Professionals to the team. How do you make the extra $$$$$? One Stop Staffing Solutions will pay a $100 dollar bonus when a referral completes a 8 week assignment. Unlimited referrals. How? Start today referring your colleagues and friends!!!!!

Program Rules and Eligibility:

In a case of (2) people referring the same candidate, only one referral bonus will be paid out and determined by One Stop Staffing Solutions and Employee. To be eligible for the referral bonus, the referred candidate must be a new contact for One Stop Staffing Solutions (i.e) not already known or in database. If qualified for a referral bonus and on assignment, payment will be issued through direct deposit upon completion of 8 weeks. If not on assignment, One Stop Staffing Solutions will mail a check upon completion of 8 weeks to specified address which must be provided to One Stop Staffing Solutions. One Stop Staffing Solutions has the right to change the referral bonus terms and conditions at any time.