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LyTiffany Jennings

LyTiffany Jennings

She is the president and founder of One Stop Staffing Solutions. She has completed more than 130 search assignments since 2014 when she began her career in the Recruitment Industry. Since 2016, LyTiffany has concentrated on growing OSSS from a one-person operation to a prominent firm with a team of highly trained and experienced recruiters.

She earned her undergraduate degree from DeVry University in Independence, Ohio, and attended Keller Graduate School of Management for her Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a healthcare service focus. She began her career by working in various skilled and professional services and health care.

In 2009, she decided that she would make her move to ownership. She owned and operated a home health care company for six years. She then transitioned in 2014 with her husband’s support to form a new business geared towards Cleaning and Construction staffing and then added to the healthcare division in 2016. LyTiffany stays active in her community by volunteering with their Business Mentor Foundation, participating in charity for Breast Cancer awareness, and being an active member in her church. She is also married to Tim and has one daughter.

LyTiffany Jennings, MPA, President of Operations Phone (330) 946-8208

Staffing Team

Timothy Jennings

Timothy Jennings, ABM Director of Marketing Started as a Recruiter and Marketing staffing services. As the team has grown he was able to transition into Community Outreach & Marketing services.

Tim enjoys connecting through business development with clients and candidates by building strong relationships, client referrals, business conferences, social media, and website content identifying areas to improve.

In community outreach, he loves making a difference and giving back. Some of the projects he has organized:

  • Collect and donate school supplies
  • Collect and donate backpacks for elementary schools
  • Coach Youth football team
  • Mentor At-Risk Youth Male Teenagers & Teach them Fitness to stay out of trouble

Upcoming events:

  • Host a dog wash (TBD)
  • Host Thanksgiving meal
  • Host an Elderly Caregiver talk at the Senior Community Center in (GA Gwinnett, Walton, and Fulton, OH Summit, Stark, and Medina counties)

Phone (330) 946-8208

T. Danielle Flowers

T. Danielle Flowers

She is a Staff Support Coordinator for One Stop Staffing Solutions a division of T & T Enterprises Inc. She acts as a liaison for the recruiters and candidates of the company. She ensures that your documents and credentials are safely and efficiently stored in the files needed for our recruiters to complete the on-boarding processes.

Danielle’s responsibilities also include back office, security clearance and schedule maintenance. Her organizational skills and processing speed make it possible for our candidates to be expediently placed into the top positions available in their industries. She has worked with the company since its doors first opened and provides quality customer service to our clients. Danielle warmly welcomes each of you and looks forward to serving your employment needs.

T.Danielle Flowers, Support Coordinator (330) 946-8208

Xenia Dee Palic


I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Computer Science, now taking up a Master of Arts in Education(graduating very soon). Currently, I enjoy being part of OSSS as HR Coordinator & Payroll, responsible for weekly payroll using Quickbooks online and ADP, and help ensure HR tasks are done diligently. I have prior experience as Real-time Analyst and Technical Support Representative from a huge BPO.

I stand now as the breadwinner of the family since my husband was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease and could no longer work. OSSS has been my partner for a year now in keeping up with this challenge while I am also given the opportunity to improve in what I do and even do better at many things. My passion has always been working from the heart and with a heart, extending help to the best of my ability for those in need.

During rest days, I love to cook for my family and take care of our home fixing or making some errands. I also love to travel with my husband and daughter if time and budget permit.

Xenia Palic
Human Resource Coordinator and Payroll
Phone (678) 785-9284

Aimie Luna


Recruitment Manager Aimie Luna is a graduate of BS Psychology and currently working as a Recruitment Manager at One Stop Staffing Solutions with eight years of experience working in HR recruitment department. Aimie specializes in recruitment management and is also responsible for educating/ training new hire employees in using vendor management systems, applications, organizational apps and more.

Aimie love working at OSSS because the company is giving her unlimited chance to grow, earn and learn. OSSS is giving her security, stability, career growth and most of all OSSS provides life changing opportunities.

Aimie is a powerful force in the virtual workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Aimie is inspired daily by her husband and their two kids. In her free time, Aimie likes to cook, watch movies, and play games with her kids.

Aimie Luna
Recruitment Manager
Phone (234) 200-0087

Viktoria Bautista


Education – BS in Tourism Management Personal Bio about yourself – 26 years old, loves traveling going to the beach, and exploring nature Work experience – worked as a bartender in dubai and a secretary Why you work in your current job with OSSS? Indeed it is a privilege for any aspiring professional to have a fruitful career with a reputed firm like OSSS. I believe the skillset & experience I possess not only shall bring value to your organization, but in turn shall also help me to acquire experience & sharpen my skills amidst your organization’s professional work culture. What are your life passions and hobbies? learning new skills, playing volleyball, and cooking.

Viktoria Bautista
Human Resource Administrative Assistant I
Phone (234) 222-5857

Nizel Joy Salvo


I am Nizel Joy A. Salvo, Living in the Philippines. Currently, a College student taking up Business Administration Major in Human Resource Management. I have also tried working in a government office when I was in Senior High School it is a mandated Immersion from school to work in social service and I was assigned to a Lingap Center where kids that are living before in the streets were put in that center so that they can have shelter and food and other needs that are covered by the government.

At the present, i am working with One Stop Staffing Solutions as a Recruiter and HR Admin Assistant and being thankful for having this kind of opportunity to learn so many kinds knowledge and skills most specially on how to deal with different people in different situations. It also have helped me in having such experience on what a real job feels like and still striving to become better version of myself.

I am passionate about working out when I feel stressed or I don’t feel myself. and also my hobbies are watching movies with my family especially watching documentary videos and sad movies.

Nizel Joy Salvo
Human Resource Administrative Assistant II/Recruiter
Phone (234) 204-0288

Steve Ake


My Name Is Steve Olakunle Ake, Recruiter from Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria, 36 and married. My experience over 9+ years’ customer service, sales, accounting, I.T and Recruitment and currently taking a course with Google on Cloud engineering. I believe in understanding server deployment and scaling will contribute immensely to my journey as a recruiter.

Working with OSSS has been a phenomenal experience for me, back in the days I used to think recruitment was just about interviewing and getting job placements. But since I have been with OSSS it has given me a completely new perspective on recruitment. I’ve learned the intricacies of full-cycle recruitment, from sourcing, interviewing/screening, pay package negotiation, Onboarding, and Compliance up to giving suitable candidates job Offers. Being equipped which is an essential of the job is learning to identify great pay packages through our vendor’s systems and calculate suitable and competitive pay packages. My experience here with OSSS has made it possible for me to work with several tools which have taken me from been an elementary recruiter to an experienced one and I have my Boss Mrs. Jennings to be thankful to, she held my hands through this journey, and it’s my wish to grow to the level of a Recruitment Director or more with OSSS using my experience in technology and relevant data to match candidates in relevant facilities based on their experiences and specialties.

Am very passionate and enthusiastic about technology and it’s been my dream to earn a degree in Robotics Engineering and automation, be the first Nigerian to build and assemble a fully functional domestic robot, and been able to automate several processes across several sectors, especially with HR. I believe human resource is an integral part of every job sector across the globe.

My hobbies include Reading, Learning, Googling, Inventing, and GlobeTrotting.

Steve Ake
Sr. Recruiter
Phone (678) 222-5857

Charlene Sagubo Team Leader Requirement


About Me “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade” Let us fill our lives with hope and enthusiasm. My great passion is bringing happiness to people and offering my service of help the way they need it most . Seeing someone smile makes everything worthwhile and everything has its own purpose of being a blessing to each other. Education Benguet State University | 2010-2014 Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Technology Major in Food Service Management.

Why do I still work w/ OSSS? For almost a year that I have stayed with OSSS, it helps me to build myself confidence, learn new skills, and a warm welcome from our Boss LyTiffany who never gives up to train each one of us,

Work Experiences Sales RepresentativeCashier Office Clerk/Accounting Easter Weaving Room Inc. 2014-2018 Helped the company in reaching the sales goals and acquiring orders through gaining new customers to get bulk orders of hand woven items. Easter Weaving Room Inc. 2015-2018 Listing orders and keeping track of cash and credit transactions. Easter Weaving Room Inc. 2016-2017

Life Passion and Hobbies Reading Books, Painting, Gardening, Creating Art pieces, Cooking, and Baking Passionate about helping others, watching Motivational Christian Movies, Learning new skills, and seeking opportunities to grow and be more productive.

Charlene Sagubo
Sr. Recruiter
Phone (678) 785-9283

Katte Oliveros


My name is Katte Oliveros, Recruiter from Philippines. I have worked as Call Center agent in a Telecom Company we are offering a subscription plan on our subscriber. I’ve been with OSSS for one year and have been able to learn full desk recruitment. I love working with RNs in the Psych, Med-Surg and Allied Health clinicians. This allows me to make a difference and help those passionate about serving patients nationwide.

Katte Oliveros
Sr. Recruiter
Phone (678) 785-9281

Nico Miranda


My name is Nico Miranda. I am a husband and a father of one. I used to own a business and right before pandemic hits, I have to turn down the business in order for me to provide for the family. I am a car and perfume enthusiast. I have a collection of perfumes and I show them off in my Youtube account. I studied Hotel and Restaurant Management in University of Santo Tomas and took up Culinary Arts after wards. Opportunity is not on my side back then so I started putting up my business. In 2022, I worked in a BPO company and worked as a CSR for the position of Collectors Agent. That’s where I was trained to be in the phonelines, handling the frustrations of every clients that we have inbound or outbound. I work in OSSS because I see my self as a recruiter. I love taking risks and I love to help people and OSSS gave me that opportunity. I may not be the best recruiter at the moment, but with the help of my boss and colleagues, definitely I can be one of the top recruiters. Timing is everything. Every new person in a new setting cannot learn everything in a month of two, but I know in time, I will be on the top. Thank you OSSS for this opportunity. I will do my best and double my effort so that we can reach the goals. My success is our team’s success.

Nico Maranda
Phone (678) 785-9282

Maria Mae Lobora


My name is Maria Labora a 23, Recruiter from the Philippines. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies at Cebu Normal University and I graduated during the pandemic. My experience includes working as an ESL teacher. Because of pandemic I was able to find passion in recruitment. I’m lucky to get to know OSSS for they’ve given me the opportunity to explore what’s beyond recruitment and staffing. I am also grateful of the pandemic because I was able to get to know what’s beyond of my comfort zone and find its purpose to be an effective young individual.

Maria Mae Lobora
Phone (678) 785-9285

Cathlene Jay Dontogan


Hi, my name is Cathlene Jay Dontogan, and I am 22 years old. I have graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (Major in Management) at University of Baguio, Philippines. I had my final internship in the United States specifically in Connecticut wherein I was able to work in one of the Curio Collections of Hilton (Madison Beach Hotel), during this experience, it is more on customer service wherein I became a server, assistant server, food expeditor, and receive phone calls for restaurant booking arrangement.

During the pandemic, hospitality industry was affected, most of the establishments are closed and it might as well be dangerous to work in a establishments. But a friend relative of mine invite me to try working as a VA, at first I got nervous, as this would be another challenge experience on my journey, but because I want to explore beyond my scope and expand my skills specially on my communication skills. I accepted her invitation, and as of now I am still working in the company, and doing my best to succeed in this industry.

Cathlene Jay Dontogan
Phone (234) 215-6463